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Sexy art of your waifus ;)
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*Hentai commissions will be uploaded in my hentai-foundry account and my tumblr

Contact email:



-Each Price is based on one character, for extra character is +10$.(cell shading) and 20$ (soft shading)
-The Price includes a basic normal background, simple clothes, if you want anything in particular or very detailed, price is +10$ or +100$ depending of what you want.
-More details, more prize.
-Character Bundles and comic pages comes with Discount.(if you want more than 5 pages/characters you can choose between a free page/character or a free cover // only applies to color commissions)
-If the Artline is approved and you want more changes after its finish, it will have aditional cost.

-frequent customers will receive special gifts or discounts

Sketches = 7$ just lines - 13$ with shadow

Blood elf WoW by AyaYanagisawa  Dev ID 2013 by AyaYanagisawa  Erotic Fridays - weekly raffles by AyaYanagisawa

Chibis = 20$

Trickster Online Foxy Chibi by AyaYanagisawa OC trickster online by AyaYanagisawa

Cell shading = base 40$
Character Design - Fox Girl by AyaYanagisawa  Peruvian girl by AyaYanagisawa  Eve by AyaYanagisawa  Character Cee Comission by AyaYanagisawa

Soft Shading = base 60$

  My Fireflower LovelessKun (Trickster Online Champ) by AyaYanagisawa  Vocaloid - Oliver by AyaYanagisawa   Eve with Hestia dress by AyaYanagisawa  Bunny girl by AyaYanagisawa

Non Anime = 60$ -90$

Merry Christmass!!!!!!1111 by AyaYanagisawa Peru - traditional dress by AyaYanagisawa Back to school by AyaYanagisawa

Manga color = 40$ cell shading - 80$ soft shading (base price)

Red Eye Flight by AyaYanagisawa

* Payment methods:
 - Western Union
 - Money Gram 

*I can draw: original, fanart, Yaoi, Yuri, Hentai, Ecchi, almost everything you can imagine.

*I can't draw: my favourite characters on hentai, chubby, bara.

 I will draw on my own style. I cannot imitate other artist's style.

*Commitment: You will have to pay before I start the pic. (50/50 or all) You can receive a rough sketch first for free


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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Hentai comics illustrator mostly
but if you are looking for :
i can do it too! :)!


Commission character design by AyaYanagisawa
Commission character design

Commission for :iconcassyinko:

Commissions are OPEN : DETAILS
Check out this >>hentai webcomic<< im working on!

You can support me on PATREON 

Summary 2015 by AyaYanagisawa
Summary 2015
2015 was a year for discoveries
and i added furry and vore in my to do list 
too much hentai this year was XDD

Thanks again to all the people who commissioned me this year 
Special thanks to :iconlocofuria: :iconvampyou: :iconalzebetha: :iconsexyversecomics:
Go check their proyects are AWESOME!!! I am a dummy! 

Commissions are OPEN:…

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EV133 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
SAludos, me guista tu trabajo. vi tu stand en una conve y me gustó. Saludos~
penerotic Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
I like your work.
DarkHedgehog23 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2015
are you the one who did some Vampire comics? of vampire girls biting drinking other girls blood turning them into vampires?
AyaYanagisawa Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
yes i work in vampire comics for, why o.o?
DarkHedgehog23 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2015
you did the one of  princess Daisy and Princess Peach? and Princess Zelda?
as well as one on a plane that end up biting twin sisters later on and others? o.o
AyaYanagisawa Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
yes o.o the style is outdatted in some XD is because i work for vampyou for 4 years now i think
(1 Reply)
bakudemon Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hola wapa :D
Kanbeikurodasamurai7 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
question commission info where and how.
AyaYanagisawa Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
here but are closed for now thats why i dun have it in the front page XD…
barneyjones123 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
(This comes from the note please forgive me for that because i need to hear reply that's all)

 Title :I really really need to hear your reply if you make a first non hentai vampyou story

I know i don't want to this but i didn't hear your reply and you didn't give comment if you agree to make a   non hentai vampyou  comic for the premium section i mean what wrong with having vampyou a erotic vampire site not having a a non hentai one plus i put this in the comment  in case you didn't read my note or give me a reply so lets try again one more time:

" l have a vampire story that you will turn into a comic drawn by you and it will be added into the premium vault but unlike too many ‘sexy’ vampyou comic, It won’t contain any sexy material content nor nudity nor corruption of victims but it will be considered a scary one that will make you frighten and its similar like how H.P Lovecraft did And it will also have lesbian/yuri content.

Also The characters won’t wear any sexy and scanty clothing especially when they are vampires let them remain in their regular clothes including those who became victims.
There are two major characters, the female investigator in her regular casual outfit like private investigators wear and a woman who is just wearing pajamas with her night robe but for her working clothes perhaps a modern nurse dress.

The woman will be a vampire but will not be pale, no demon ears and no red eyes but will sprout fangs in her mouth only because she is one of the different types of vampires unlike ‘Fictional’ ones, Her victims will remain pale with demon ears and red eyes but they will npt be corrupted vampires, instead they will be mindless one who longer have their humanity and will walk and moan like zombies and they keep on saying “blood, blood” like tarman from return of the living dead.

and here's how it goes

The story begins at night where a female private eye investigator knocks at the door to a woman who is interrupting her sleep as she is about to ask questions to her.

In the kitchen the woman gives the female investigator coffee as she tells her about her own personal investigation about a mysterious occurrence each night in the city which is about some pale women who are probably vampires who moan and walk like zombies and begin feeding on rats in the alley they even keep on saying blood.

She also tells the woman that she started her own investigation when she first saw a pale vampire zombie woman from her office window as she is shown eating a living rat in the dark alley, The pale zombie vampire woman also looks like one of the missing women she  saw in the newspaper and then she saw the pale vampire zombie woman taken away in a car by a stranger and thus the female investigator decides to secretly follow the car up to its destination the same house the woman lives she saw the stranger taking the pale zombie vampire woman into the same house and the investigator decides to solve this mystery by going to the house two hours later so she needs to ask the woman if she does do  any 'strange' activities there,

The woman tells the female investigator that she doesn't believe such nonsense but suddenly the female investigator begins to hear some noise coming from below and lied to the woman that she is going to the bathroom for a leak and after the investigator left the woman she then has sinister smile in her face as if she got her in “her trap”.

The female investigator sneaks in to the hallways and went into the basement and as she climbed down to the basement she was shocked in horror as she found pale female vampires with fangs who moan like zombies drinking blood and licking it from blood bags and are locked in cages like animals and the mysterious pale woman the investigator followed is one of them.

The female investigator is about to run away but suddenly she is discovered by the woman who surprises her, The frightened investigator blame the woman since she believe that she is responsible for turning the female victims into pale zombie vampires and lock them in cages .

The woman then admits that she is a vampire and she turns those victims into pale vampire ones but she tells the investigator that unlike those "fictional “vampires” they are just like regular humans but a different type of species, they are not immortal, they drink and eat regular food and drinks and they even walk in daytime and sleep at night like regular humans do.
But the woman tells the investigator like the vampires in fiction they drink blood for survival but they are not pale like the victims and they didn't turn the victims into one of their species but worse turn them into mindless zombie ones with some of their traits and letting them no longer be their usual selves.

The frightened investigator asks why the woman did such a thing , The woman said like her species it’s for her survival once in few months when she felt like something to drink blood she picks one female victim at a time and drain their blood turning them into pale vampire zombies and like her species she will either kill them to prevent evidence or keep them as their pets for a while and feed them animal blood to give them nourishment and stop their ‘Hunger ’ just like how the woman gives her victims blood bags she gets from her work as a nurse from the blood bank especially when she takes one of her victims for some fresh air at night and let them eat rats to satisfy their hunger like a dog chasing its prey.

The woman then tells the female investigator that since she discovered her and her species secrets she will have to drain her blood so that she wouldn't tell their existence to anyone ever the female investigator in panic tries to attack her but the woman uses her hypnosis to make her stand still like a statue and remain frozen, The woman begins to form fangs in her mouth as she is about to drain the blood from the frightened investigator who has sweat on her head with fear and we cut out side of the woman house as we hear the scream of the female investigator hinting that the woman killed her and drain her blood.

The final page takes place at night where the female investigator is now one of the female vampire's victims who are mindless female pale zombie vampires with fangs in her mouth as she is last seen wandering around the alley trying to eat her rat prey and repeating Blood like a zombie to satisfy her hunger and then the woman who got back from her nurse duties from the  hospital  calls the mindless female investigator vampire to get into backside of the car and take her home so that she can give her one of the blood bags from her workplace."

what do you think it’s not sexy but it is considered scary and it has lesbian vampire content so will you and that vampyou site make that into non erotic comic but a scary one and put it in that “premium vault?”
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